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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; fake "Nike" wholesale price of 20 yuan & nbsp; own stick a "hook" bogus brand-name sports shoes "Look at this shoe No? Nike! looked at this hook yet? sticky myself! "This is the song and dance duet actor Wei three classic lines. "Resistance (g): 20, (A) Di: 20, cards (Pa):. 20" Yesterday, in Shenhe District of Shenyang City, a residential building The second floor, the reporter saw a bill, a dozen "name brand" sports shoes into the lowest incredibly, these Nike shoes (whose trademark is the hook) are all fake. The day before yesterday morning, the Shenyang Public cheap jordans for sale Security Bureau Police Detachment Dajia Ban in this rented room, and seized more than one hundred boxes fake brand-name sneakers, shipping and receiving at the same time seized bills, books, bank cards. Police said they received complaints Nike's intellectual property rights protection officer, said the Shenyang South Tower Shoe open a stall selling fake "Nike", a large number. After the police investigation, locking these fake "Nike" storage locations. scare Fujian Cai Hui (male, 34 years old), Cai Qingming (male, 33 years old) in Shenyang fraud designer shoes business, they on the goods Retro jordans for sale from the South, transported to the Shenyang wholesale out after changing hands. seized the books show that in July 2006 to March 2007, two people out of more than 800,000 yuan wholesale fake "Nike." They admit, after changing hands several times, these fake shoes sales price can be sold for several hundred dollars.1390374453437_720x450.jpg (38.72 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-22 15:30 upload the highly acclaimed "warrior shoes" Y-3 Qasa exposure new black color, with black leather shoes with black fabric crafted, with black outsole, make shoes show cool wind. It is reported th Cheap air jordans for sale at the two black color Y-3 Qasa may in the autumn and winter of 2014 officially listed. Love friends please pay attention to our follow-up reports! 1390374453590_720x450.jpg (41.32 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-22 15:30 upload 00The European Commission in the short term amendments to China's footwear products, 16.5% of the anti-dumping tax rate has been very unlikely. The industry generally believes that the EU anti-dumping measures will enable the 101st Canton Fair in April 15, 2007 began to lose orders for European shoes once again affected. To this end, the shoe-making enterpri cheap jordan shoes for men ses began to transfer the export areas and other ways to reduce the impact of enterprises. April 10, 2007, "China EU shoe anti-dumping deal with alliance secretary general, Wanbang shoes company spokesman Guo Weiwen said, Chinese 5 shoe-making enterprises to the European Court of the European Commission has been in the past 4 months, has not yet received any reply to the European Court of justice. The court's proceedings are slow and it is difficult to make new breakthroughs in the near future. The alliance is trying to change the status quo by other means. Guo Weiwen said recent cheap foamposites ly, the European Commission "EU trade remedy tool green book" initiative to invite the Chinese comments, to deal with the alliance to take this opportunity to the European Commission of the EU industry chain has not only in the EU, we hope that the EU will take into account the industry chain and don't damage the interests of the community Chinese footwear enterprises interest. Guo Weiwen also revealed that the alliance of some enterprises due to the anti-dumping duty, has given up the shoes to the EU market; there are also some enterprises by adjusting the business strategy to adapt to cheap jordans for sale mens market changes. In addition to the European Court of appeal to the European Commission anti-dumping duties ruling, but also on the internal operation of the company to adjust, including the types of products and export areas adjustment. The company's customers are mainly global customers who are increasing their purchases elsewhere. In addition, as the sports shoes were excluded from the EU tax range, Wan shoes for European customers to increase processing and export of such products. Wenzhou Shoe Industry Association Exhibition Department Manager Chen Xiqiang said, brand shoes have the cheap jordans online fixed large customers, the supply and demand sides through consultation to digest anti-dumping duties, but the Fair Pavilion shoes mainly in the low-end products, while the purchase business is mainly small and medium enterprises and retail the two sides, the anti risk ability is weak. The fair by the EU anti-dumping tax high impact is relatively large, the Canton Fair footwear turnover may once again be affected, exhibitors are small foreign trade company and the purchaser is affected by the impact of the largest retail model. Dongyi Shoes Co. Ltd. salesman Chen Yishan said that in the Retro jordans for sale last fair, the enterprise received orders to reduce the EU influenced by anti-dumping measures, but the loss is mainly some retail orders. As a large enterprise, the company has two major customers in the United States and Germany, and is preparing for the 101st Canton Fair, which is mainly aimed at the needs of these two major clientsKanye West There are rumors that Kanye West (Kanye & middot; Harvest) is about to give up favorite music career, switched to fashion circles. Earlier, West designed for the Nike sports shoes, but the rapper and producer upcoming cooperation with Nike's main rivals Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping Adidas, and want to spend more effort in design. Paul McCartney (Paul & middot; McCartney) and after a song co-publisher, he decided to put more effort into fashion design. Adidas reportedly had bid $ 15 million Kanye invitation to join, but because there is not enough time before, he had rejected the company's four times. 2011 ?? 10 ??, West published in the Paris Fashion Week show floor of the same name brand, but less than a year's time he canceled the third conference, and closed the brands. Since then, he has had a partnership with APC, this series were sold out in a day. original fro Cheap air jordan 12 ovo m VOGUE UK website: "Is Kanye Leaving Music For Fashion?"[Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] June 17, 2012, Beijing's Olympic Forest Park jogging shrine once again usher in an unprecedented running festival - nearly 5,000 girls gathered here, side by side finish the Nike Girls 5 km big challenge, practice "Be Amazing" The campaign manifesto. This is the first all-women's running events held in mainland China, also Nike's advocate with another initiative campaign to change the attitude of the girls. In this big challenge, from China Taiwan artists Chen Jiahua ELLA also joined the running of the camp, and after the challenge and share their running stories in their own personal experience inspire more girls passion for sport, so more girls into sport, thus creating a more exciting self. singer Ella Chen Challenge 5 km Nike company has been committed to encourage more women into sports, the all-female road race events also created a national precedent. Through continuous campus, stores, online and offline promotion, the participation of women under 30 road race activities accounted for more than 80% of women under 25 years old has more than 50%. babes out of the starting line begins this year on March 8, "Nike Women BE AMAZING" organized by the range of activities online and offline components. Li Na, Liu Xiang, ELLA, Chen Kun, Sun Li, Tian Yuan and Huo Siyan and other sports stars were the way to the video clip to the girls initiated the invitation, encouraging them to show in motion his most AMAZING side. Line activities, the "Nike woman together AMAZING" Grand Challenge in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Taiwan launched fiery, thousands of girls in their respective cities experienced NikeTraining Club brings fun sport and running, and finally Beijing this 5 km road race field activities under the campaign this summer girls draw a satisfactory conclusion. beauty college students to join the team of girls Amazing 5 ???? Nike Challenge The event also brought together a resource full advantage of China's social networks, whether mobilization training, event registration or Challenge, participants can always get the latest information Sina Weibo, Tencent Weibo and Renren, also can share their status and experience the feeling of let more friends to share the joy of movement. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)

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