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Behind Invento


Marianela Maldonado

Marianela wrote and directed Children of Las Brisas, a feature-length documentary supported by ITVS, IDFA, IBF, LPB, TV France, and currently distributed by PBS. Marianela also co-wrote the award-winning Once upon a Time in Venezuela (Sundance, 2020) and Peter and the Wolf,  winner of an Oscar in 2008.  She also co-wrote Unmade Beds (Sundance, Berlin, Rotterdam 2009), The Magic Piano and  The Flying Machine. She has written and directed several successful fiction short films, including The Look of Happiness and Breaking Out, featured at Cannes. Marianela studied screenwriting and directing at the prestigious National Film and Television School (NFTS) in the UK and is an alumna of the Cinéfondation Writing Residency. 

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Jessica Wenzelmann

Co-writer in Marianela Maldonado's documentary feature film Children of Las Brisas, currently distributed by PBS in the United States.  Before migrating to the US, she wrote, produced and co-directed the Venezuelan feature fiction film Dos de Trébol, screened in theaters nationwide and in festivals in Miami, Sydney and New York. Story editor and copywriter, journalist graduate with a Master’s Degree in History of the Americas (UCAB).  Her first animated short script, The Single Sock, was nominated at the NashFilm Festival in 2020.

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Robin Todd

Cinematographer, editor, producer, writer and director, graduated from the London Film School (LFS).  DP in Children of Las Brisas, documentary premiered at the prestigious Sheffield Festival in UK (June, 2022,) and at DOC NYC in the United States (November, 2022.)  Among his productions stands out the science fiction short film Sk8rz, which was screened in numerous international festivals, including Korea's Pifan and Austin's Fantastic Fest. He co-wrote The Magic Piano, a short film shortlisted for the 2012 Oscars.  While living in Venezuela, he directed the television documentary series Biopiracy and Ancestral Knowledge for Latin American broadcasters. He also shot the documentary short film The Barrel, a 2013 Hot Docs favorite.


Claudia Lepage

Producer based in Mexico City, with academic and professional training in Madrid and Rome, specialized in international co-productions. She is a former student of Tribeca, Sundance, and a TED speaker. Her filmography includes Once Upon a Time in Venezuela (Sundance, 2020),The Longest Distance (Festival des Film du Monde, Montreal, 2013), The Night of the Two Moons (Festival des Film du Monde, Montreal, 2022) and the documentary Madame Cinema (Montreal World Film Festival, 2018).


Key collaborators

Ana Vanessa Herrero

Award-winning investigative journalist, who works for media outlets such as The New York Times and The Washington Post. Producer for The Sunday Times, France 24, NBC, and VICE. Writer and producer with 15 years of experience in conflict coverage, politics, human rights and


Luisa De La Ville

Luisa is a Venezuelan filmmaker based in NYC with over 35 years of experience. She has produced dozens of films, Children of Las Brisas, Taita Boves, El Enemigo, and Plan B among them. She was also an AD in international films such as Arachnophobia (Amblin/Disney), Dragonfly (ShadyAcres & Universal Films), and Lost Worlds (IMAX, Primesco).

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